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Increased comfort and light quality at the office

Office lighting has to fulfil high standards: Adequate lighting for office workspaces requires bright constant light with 500 Lux luminance.

Our lighting sensor inSens simply provides the best office lighting.

Most offices have access to daylight which intensity varies throughout the day. If the daylight gets too low artificial lighting is manually switched on. inSens uses daylight harvesting, it automatically detects lighting levels and dims up lighting as needed. Blending between daylight and electrical lighting is seamless. The efficient harvesting of daylight also saves energy costs.

What is more: if needed, inSens will switch on the light upon object presence. When all people have left the office the light is switched off automatically.  Today’s passive infrared sensors (PIRs) fail at presence detection because of heat emissions of printers and in-floor heatings. PIRs often falsely turn off the lights when sensing too little movements of people sitting in front of a PC. Because of it’s unique technology inSens detects presence reliably where PIRs traditionally show problems. Presence detection and daylight harvesting reduce energy costs up to -40%.