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The industries most advanced sensor

inSens is the industries’ most integrated digital lighting sensor. It detects objects (type, movement), situations and ambience. While traditional solutions focus on turning lights on, the sensor makes sure lights are securely turned outn wherever possible, saving up to 60% of energy consumption. Typical dynamic lighting applications are warehouse & office.

The sensor combines today’s most sophisticated features with simple installation. The high integration keeps sensor dimensions compact and achieves costs efficacy for demanding office and warehouse applications.

Technical Description

inSens consists of a contrast sensor, an integrated digital signal processor (DSP) and an open source embedded Linux operating system. The sensor accesses the sensor data directly. This allows the application of the very latest DSP programmes, which process the sensor data autonomously. The interaction between sensor and software permits the reliable identification of objects and predefined situations, even in poor visibility. The energy consumption is extremely low; with our application the sensor consumes less than 2 Watts.

inSens can be integrated into existing systems and combined with all controllable luminous sources. Furthermore, inSens can be equipped with suitable software for other applications and is even available to third party suppliers as an open development system and with interfaces for building automation systems.

Example: Detection of a pedestrian

The following video clip shows a contrasting juxtaposition of the original camera image (left) and the input data modified by contrast stretching (right). The areas bordered in blue mark the field in which motion is detected. The object is classified as “P” (pedestrian).